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Education Guide
BitcoinRevenue.Pro has compiled a list of important rules for investing in online ventures

As we all know, this can be a risky investment arena so it is imperative to be as thorough as humanly possible. It is amazing how little research people will do before giving their hard earned money to online programs only to lose it when all of the warning signs were there. Look at the following general rules we have laid out and implement them when looking into any online venture. It may just save you from making a very bad decision.

Start your investigation with a WHOIS search of all programs. It will give you some very valuable information such as when the domain name was registered, when it is set to expire, and sometimes some contact info. It will also give information on hosting and if it is on a dedicated server or not. If the admin of a program has not had the common sense to register the domain for longer than the minimum of one year then it should be a warning sign. You can register a domain name for as little as $10 per year so it is not a lot of money to register it for 2 plus years. This should be one of the first places you start your research.

We feel it is imperative for all programs to have the minimum security measures in place for their members. These are SSL encryption and DDOS protection. If a program can,t spend a couple of hundred dollars on a SSL certificate then what should this tell you? It tells us that they are strictly trying to make a quick dollar without spending any money. The same goes for DDOS protection. A program can have adequate DDOS protection for $350 per month to help ensure program safety in the future against DDOS attacks. What does it say when a program is not willing to do this for its members? It says to us that they are not going to be around for any length of time and you should be skeptical. Do your research here and make sure all programs have these features.

Returns should be a good indicator as to how realistic a programs stability is. If you have a program that is offering 100% return in 20 days then you should be wondering how realistic this is. Stay away from these programs as they are most likely ponzi's that will disappear over night one day. Look for more conservative returns that average well below 10% per day that are sustainable. Dont let your greed be a factor here.

Always try to stick to programs that allow you to withdraw your earnings a minimum of once per week or month. You want to be able to withdraw as often as possible to limit your capital at risk. Programs that tie up your money for longer are more risky in our eyes. Withdraw as often as possible and get your principal back where it belongs. Don’t be greedy and let compounded numbers cloud your decisions.

We are not big fans of compounding. It gives program admins the upper hand as you are allowing them to use your money longer. Just because you may have a compounded figure of thousands of dollars on your screen does not mean it will be in your bank account. It is not real money until you have received it. Get everything you put in back as soon as possible. Once you are playing with the house's money, then you can roll the dice on this option. NEVER BEFORE!!

Always look for programs that return your principal upon expiry. Never invest in programs that claim to pay forever as you now have zero chance of getting that initial deposit back. What if after your 100 day term, your initial deposit becomes unlocked and you had the option to withdraw it out? It is better to have this option rather than accepting that it is gone. It simply gives you an upper hand and makes the program accountable if they plan to stay around.

Always ask lots of questions before investing. Send emails, use online chat features and check out if phone numbers that are posted are authentic. You need to know what to expect before investing. Write out a list of questions and make sure you get them answered before you invest. There is never a rush here and don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

All programs you look at are going to need you to have a PP before you fund your account. Look into the various options and decide which ones are best for you. You can find various forums on each company and see what feedback members have posted. Many of them have different strengths and weaknesses and you need to know what they are before proceeding. BitcoinRevenue.Pro has chosen Liberty Reserve, SolidTrustPay, Egopay and Perfect Money to use as we have been quite happy with our experiences with them thus far. Do a little reading on this topic as it is always a pain to have to switch after you have started in a program.

Once you have made your decision and are ready to invest, always check out a few trusted payment monitors to make sure members are posting recent payments. This is a very important step as it will give you one last warning sign if a program is in trouble or not paying its members. Since some admins pay out selectively to Monitors if problems are starting, make sure to look for trusted monitoring sites that will not be swayed. Look for at least 10 monitoring sites to give you a good indication.

We have saved the most important rule for last. NEVER invest more than you can afford. If you invest $1000 into a program and it is going to keep you up every night until you get it back then you have broken this rule. Start within your comfort zone and never invest more than you can afford to lose. You are investing in unregulated investments and have to be aware of the risks that are associated with this. Be smart and invest safely!

BitcoinRevenue.Pro wants their members to be educated ones.

If you follow these 10 important rules then you will be eliminating a lot of risk associated with online investing. Do your due diligence and be comfortable with your decisions when it is time to make them. It is better to be safe rather than sorry.

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